2010 TSFA Season

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2010 TSFA Season
League Texas Sixman Football League
Teams 9
Regular Season
Duration February 14, 2010 - May 2, 2010
Weeks 9
Dates May 8, 2010 - May 16, 2010
Rounds 2
Epler Cup XII
Date May 22, 2010
Champions Wolverines
MVP Andre Williams - #11 WR/DB Wolverines
Post Season Awards
MVP Henry "Silk" Booth - #9 Renegades
Offensive POY Snoop Marshall - #11 Renegades
Defensive POY Abe Vargas - #5 Renegades
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The 2010 TSFA season was the 12th regular season of the Texas Sixman Football League.[1]

2010 was the first year since 1999 that there were no conferences with only 9 teams battling it out. The TSFA began league play at River City Christian School.[2]


With the folding of the Rhinos the Longhorns and Wolverines took the crown as most tenured teams entering their tenth years of competition. The Bucs returned for their ninth season. The Wrecking Crew returned for their sixth season. The Bulldawgs and Phoenix returned for their fourth seasons. The Renegades and Outlawz entered their second seasons of play and the Tigers came in for their first.

Regular Season[edit]

The twelfth year of the TSFA consisted of nine weeks from February 14, 2010 to May 2, 2010.

Week 1[edit]

February 14, 2010
Bulldawgs 34 - Longhorns 0
Wolverines 23 - Bucs 22
Renegades 33 - Phoenix 20
Outlawz 24 - Wrecking Crew 12

Week 2[edit]

February 21, 2010
Tigers 26 - Bucs 24
Renegades 45 - Outlawz 6
Wrecking Crew 25 - Phoenix 24
Wolverines 34 - Bulldawgs 33

Week 3[edit]

February 28, 2010
Wolverines 30 - Outlawz 22
Wrecking Crew 32 - Longhorns 26
Renegades 33 - Bulldawgs 19
Tigers 32- Phoenix 9

Week 4[edit]

March 14, 2010
Renegades 34 - Longhorns 0
Bulldawgs 28 - Tigers 20
Phoenix 27 - Bucs 22
Wolverines 64 - Wrecking Crew 27

Week 5[edit]

March 21, 2010
Outlawz 28 - Bucs 7
Wolverines 26 - Longhorns 6
Renegades 24 - Tigers 7
Bulldawgs 25 - Wrecking Crew 19

Week 6[edit]

March 28, 2010
Bulldawgs 41 - Phoenix 0
Tigers 18 - Outlawz 7
Longhorns 32 - Bucs 6
Renegades 44 - Wolverines 14

Week 7[edit]

April 3, 2010
Wolverines 30 - Tigers 13
Longhorns 26 - Phoenix 19
Bulldawgs 44 - Outlawz 38
Wrecking Crew 39 - Bucs 19

Week 8[edit]

April 25, 2010
Renegades 38 - Wrecking Crew 13
Phoenix 27 - Outlawz 19
Bulldawgs 50 - Bucs 27
Longhorns 46 - Tigers 14

Week 9[edit]

May 2, 2010
Phoenix 45 - Wolverines 40
Renegades 31 - Bucs 27
Tigers 12 - Wrecking Crew 6
Longhorns 34 - Outlawz 25


The twelfth year of playoffs for the TSFA consisted of the top 6 from the league entering the post season with the top 2 seeds getting a bye week.

Wildcard Round[edit]

May 8, 2011
Longhorns 19 - Tigers 13
Bulldawgs 45 - Wrecking Crew 25

Conference Championships[edit]

May 16, 2010
Wolverines 24 - Bulldawgs 14
Renegades 32 - Longhorns 19

Epler Cup XII[edit]

May 22, 2010
Wolverines 36 - Renegades 25
Epler Cup XII MVP
Andre Williams - #11 WR/DB Wolverines

Epler Cup XII Summary[edit]

The 2010 Texas Sixman Football Association Epler Cup XII Championship game began with the heavily favored and reigning Champion Renegades being introduced to approximately 200 fans that arrived in support of their sons, brothers, friends, fathers and husbands. The Renegades won the coin toss electing to receive and flex the muscle of their high powered offense. Wolverine Kicker, #25 K-Robert Ramirez, kicked off. #3 CB-Aleric Clark of the Renegades received the kickoff and had a big return before being stopped cold by Wolverine #6 WR-Damien Alston. The Renegades first play was an incompletion but their second play went for big yardage with a completion to #10 WR-Steven Marshal aka “Snoop”, who was recognized as the TSFA 2010 Offensive Player of the Year. The Renegades followed up Snoops catch with a nice scramble by #9 QB-Henry Booth, who found #15 WR-Jesse Williams open for a quick dump pass. Jesse was stopped by #11 CB-Andrea Williams aka "the Executioner". The Wolverine defense was bending but not breaking. The next play again resulted in a Renegade incompletion. The Wolverine defense managed to force an incompletion on 2nd down and now the Gades were looking at 3rd and about 2 from the Wolverine 16. The Renegades needing only 2 yards for a first down, or 16 for their first score of the game. The Gades broke the huddle with the Wolverine defense waiting, a false start, incomplete and two timeouts later the Gades were now facing a 4th and 7 from the Wolverine 21. #28 DE-Shun Compton and #39 DE-Chad Thompson of the Wolverines proceeded to apply pressure on Renegade QB-Henry Booth, while suffocating coverage from the Wolverine defensive backs forced Henry Booth to heave a pass which resulted in #11 CB-Andrea Williams intercepting the ball in stride while racing into the end zone for the first Wolverine score of the day. The Wolverines lined up for a two-point conversion attempt which was blocked by the Renegades. The simple play ended up being costly for both teams as a fight ensued and Renegade #7 DE-Vincent Stevenson and #23 Shawn McCracken were ejected from the game while the Wolverines were without their starting center, heart and soul #51 Erwin Stelzig.

The Wolverines proceeded to kickoff to the Renegades, unfortunately for the Gades the Wolverines were just warming up. Henry Booth had a big run from inside the Gade 10-yard line, running the ball all the way to the Wolverine 30 where #11 Andrea Williams jarred the ball loose and Wolverine #18 CB-Remy Akinmulero fell on the ball for the Wolverines.

The Wolverine offense took over at their own 30. The first play resulted in Wolverine #8 Qb-Frankie Guerra running for 10 yards to the 40 then stepping out of bounds. The Wolverines surprised the Renegades by coming out in a Diamond formation, previously used only once by the Wolverines against the Bulldogs. The loss of #51 C-Erwin Stelzig forced the Wolverines to utilize Diamond, which they had prepared to use against the Gades, sooner rather than later. The result was brilliant execution by new Wolverine Center #8 Damien Alston, Qb-#8 Frank Guerra, RB #5 Phil Barron, our dominate blocking TE #4 Steve Mancha, WR #9 Richard Cardenas, WR #12 Regis Price, RB #7 Andrea Chillers, TE #88 Tim Longoria and QB #10 Fermin Lopez orchestrated by Offensive Coordinator Mike Molina and Offensive Assistant George Ramos. The Wolverine drive consisted of a nice 15 yard corner route caught by WR #6-Damien Alston. The play was proceeded with a pass by #8 Frankie Guerra scrambling, then finding #12 WR-Regis Price open in the end zone. The extra point attempt was made by #3 Nathan Ruiz aka "Clutch".

The score was now 14 – 0 in the second quarter. The Wolverine defense, led by #0 Pablo Garcia and #2 Mario Estrada, came back onto the field primed to continue their dominance over the Renegade offense. The Gades completed a deep pass on first down which was just missed by #2 Mario Estrada of the Wolverines. The Wolverine defense maintained constant pressure on Renegade QB Silk play after play. #21 Angel Sanchez, #94 Frank Fonseca, #28 Shun Compton, #55 James Suarez and #7 Andrea Chillers all stepped in to keep Silk from reaching a comfort zone. The Renegades were looking at a 2nd and goal from the Wolverine 12-yard line when pressure from #39 Chad Thompson and #21 Angel Sanchez forced an errant pass by Renegade QB Silk which was picked off by FS #0 Pablo Garcia, who returned the INT to the Renegade 25-yard line.

QB-Frankie Guerra of the Wolverines took the snap on first down and ran the ball to the Renegade 16-yard line. The next Wolverine play was a completion to old reliable #6 WR-Damien Alston. The catch got the Wolverines to the 5-yard line. The next play was a dump off to Wolverine #5 RB-Phil Barron aka "Super stud". Phil ran the ball aggressively to the 1-yard line while picking up a first down. The next play went to #7 WR/RB-Andrea Chillers on a sweep play. The result was the third Wolverine score (the extra point was missed) The score was now 20 – 0 with 2 minutes left in the half.

The Gades offense again came on the field primed to get their offense going; unfortunately the Wolverine defense was primed for another stop with pressure constantly being applied on QB Silk. The Gades attempted to get the ball to their offensive weapon #10 Snoop but on every throw there was pressure on Silk with #11 CB-Andrea Williams, lurking in man on man pass defense. The Gades attempted to get their running game going, running a sweep to #3 AC but the run only went for 3 yards with #2 Mario Estrada of the Wolverines making another aggressive tackle. The Renegades managed to get inside the Wolverine 15-yard line with 4 downs at their disposal but the Wolverines defense was too strong and held, forcing the Gades to turn the ball over on downs. The defense had great coverage by #3 Nathan Ruiz who forced the issue. The Renegades managed to get their first score of the half when an errant snap was picked up by #4 Greg Woodard of the Renegades. Greg ran the fumble in for a score and the extra point was good. The Score at halftime was 20 – 7.

The 2nd half began with the Wolverines receiving the ball. The Wolverines had good special teams play all day by #88 Tim Longoria, #44 Patrick Skinner, #25 Robert Ramirez, #55 James Suarez, #42 John Sierra, #30 Manuel Huizar and #10 Fermin Lopez. The Wolverines had a good drive going with completions to Andrea Chillers and Damien Alston but their second mistake came on a throwback play which was picked off by #4 Greg Woodard of the Renegades. Greg ran the ball back for the Gades second score of the day. The score was now 20 – 13. The Wolverine defense again held on the extra point as all of the Gade points were being scored by Greg Woodard, Renegade DE.

The Wolverines were now committed to stop the bleeding. Qb-Frankie Guerra took the first snap and ran it to the Gade 20-yard line. The next play resulted in a dump off to #5 Phil Barron who gained 7 on the catch. Wolverine Qb-Frankie Guerra would come off the field with a cramp but #10 Qb-Fermin Lopez stepped in and the Wolverine offense did not skip a beat. Qb-Fermin Lopez completed to #7 WR-Andrea Chillers. The next play Fermin ran the ball to the Gade 1-yard line while going airborne in an attempt to get into the end zone. The play opened up when #5 Phil Barron plowed the way while sustaining a low block from a Renegade defender. Phil went out for a play but returned on the ensuing play. RB-Phil Barron proceeded to bully his way into the endzone for his first touchdown of the day. K/CB-Nathan Ruiz of the Wolverines followed up with a made extra point and the Wolverines were now up 28 – 13.

The Renegades received the ball electing to take a knee rather than attempt to return the kickoff. Renegade QB-Silk was primed to get his team on the board but #11 CB-Andrea Williams went up and intercepted a pass intended for #10, of the Gades, "Snoop". The Wolverine offense came back on the field. #10 Fermin Lopez found #6 Damien Alston open for a nice deep out pass. The result was a first and 15 from the Gade 30. The next play Fermin kept the ball on a QB run and raced 14 yards to the Renegades 15-yard line. The Wolverines unfortunately followed this play with an illegal shift and a strong run by RB Phil Barron was negated. The Wolverines continued to lose yards with a false start called against them. #8 Frankie Guerra returned to the game and managed to elude a few rushers before dumping off to #5 RB Phil Barron. Phil ran the ball over 30 yards weaving his way to his second touchdown of the day. The score put the Wolverines up 36 to 13 with 7 minutes left in the 4th. The Wolverine defense, led by Defensive Coordinator Edward Esquivel, did not slow down continuing to pressure the Gades. The Renegade offense managed to get two more score on the board and the result was the final score of 36 to 25.

Regular Season Awards[edit]

Offensive Player of the Year: Snoop Marshall - #11 Renegades
Defensive Player of the Year: Abe Vargas - #5 Renegades
2009 TSFA Regular Season MVP: Henry "Silk" Booth - #9 Renegades


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