20 (Cunter album)

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Studio album by Cunter
Released June 13, 2011
Recorded Early 2011
Genre Hardcore punk
Length 15:56
Label Dine Alone
Producer Greg Dawson
Cunter chronology

20 (also known as Some F'n A-Hole Tried to Sue Us and Made Us Change Our Name) is the second studio album by Canadian hardcore punk super group Cunter, released on June 13, 2011. Unlike their first studio album, 10, it is composed completely of new material. It received a limited physical release and continues to be available digitally. The album's full title, "Some Really Nice Guy Threatened To Sue Us And Made Us Change Our Name" (as seen on the spine of the physical release), was a reference to the band's legal battle with a local cover band over the rights to use the name "Hunter."

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Q And Eh" 1:28
2. "Blackout" 1:36
3. "Seven Layer" 1:58
4. "The Dough" 1:34
5. "Glamping" 1:29
6. "Colic Kids" 1:01
7. "Teething" 1:48
8. "De(con)struction" 2:23
9. "Good Luck With That" 1:33
10. "A Decade In The Life" 1:10




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