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302M, also known as Casanova (2000–2009), was a wolf in the Yellowstone Wolf Project. He was featured in the PBS documentary In the Valley of the Wolves and National Geographic's documentary Rise of Black Wolf. He was born in the Leopold pack He mingled with the alphas daughters for a while, whilst 21M was in charge he raised a litter the following spring visiting when the coast was clear and after The two alphas disappeared he joined the pack as beta male, his younger brother 480M Stepped up as leader of the pack in 2004.

In 2005, Only a couple wolves remaine 302M decided to leave the pack and join up with a group of 5 younger males, drifting through rival territory until joining three females, one adult and two yearlings all female, to form the Blacktail Plateau pack in late 2008, which he began leading. In October 2009, he died of wounds from fights with other wolves.[1][2]


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