35 Engineer Regiment (United Kingdom)

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35 Engineer Regiment
Active unknown – present
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
Type Armoured Engineering
Role Close Support
Size 4 Squadrons
Part of

OPCON[1] 20th Armoured Brigade

OPCOM[1] 8th Engineer Brigade[2]
Garrison/HQ Barker Barracks, Westfalen Garrison

35 Engineer Regiment is a unit of the British Army’s Royal Engineers under 8th Engineer Brigade, Force Troops Command. The Unit provides close support engineering to 20th Armoured Brigade.[3] It is located in Barker Barracks,[4] Paderborn, Germany. From October 2011 to May 2012 the Unit was deployed on Operation HERRICK 15[5] in Afghanistan. A written statement in December 2016 stated that it will be rationalised, with all manpower in this unit being redeployed to other areas of the British Army.[6]


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