Mill Avenue/Third Street station

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Mill Avenue/Third Street
Downtown Tempe METRO Station - 2009-11-13.jpg
Mill Station
Location Mill Avenue and 3rd Street, Tempe
Owned by Valley Metro
Line(s) (planned)
Platforms Side platform
Disabled access Yes
Opened 2008-12-27
Preceding station   Valley Metro logo simplified.svg VMR   Following station
Valley Metro Rail
  Future services  
Tempe Streetcar
toward Dorsey Lane

Mill Avenue/Third Street (also known as Downtown Tempe / Town Lake) is a station on the Metro light rail line in Tempe, Arizona, United States. It is currently planned to be a stop along the Tempe Streetcar route, which will open in 2019.


Weekday Rail Passengers[1]
Year In Out Average Daily In Average Daily Out
2009 366,819 355,552 1,444 1,400
2010 294,376 311,821 1,164 1,232

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Bus connections[edit]

  • 66
  • Orbits: Mercury, Earth, Jupiter [2]


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