43rd Independent Gurkha Infantry Brigade

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For the First World War formation, see 43rd Indian Brigade.

The 43rd Independent Gurkha Infantry Brigade, also called the 43rd Indian Infantry Brigade or the 43rd Gurkha Lorried Infantry Brigade, was an infantry brigade of the Indian Army during World War II. It was created in 1943, by the renaming of the 3rd Indian Motor Brigade and instead of Indian cavalry regiments, it consisted of three Regular Army Gurkha infantry battalions. It was sent to join the 4th Indian Infantry Division, 8th Indian Infantry Division and the 10th Indian Infantry Division, and fought in the Italian Campaign.[1]

Gurkhas of the 2/6th Gurkha Rifles inspect a captured German 75mm anti-tank gun near San Clemente, Italy, 8 September 1944.

From 25 September 1944, during the fighting on the Gothic Line, under the command of Brigadier Alan Barker, the brigade was temporarily assigned to the 56th (London) Infantry Division, replacing the 168th (London) Infantry Brigade which was being disbanded. The brigade left the division on 7 October 1944.

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