Erreway: 4 caminos

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Erreway: 4 caminos
4 Caminos.jpg
Directed by Ezequiel Crupnicoff
Produced by Natalia La Porta
Tomás Yankelevich
Written by Solange Keoleyan
Lily Ann Martin
Starring Felipe Colombo
Camila Bordonaba
Luisana Lopilato
Benjamín Rojas
Narrated by Carla Pandolfi
Music by Silvio Furmaski
Diego Grimblat
Cris Morena
Cinematography Miguel Abal
Edited by César Custodio
Distributed by Buena Vista International, Cris Morena Group, Yair Dori International, RGB
Release date
  • July 1, 2004 (2004-07-01)
Running time
102 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Erreway: 4 caminos (English: Erreway: 4 Ways) is a 2004 road movie film by the Argentine group Erreway. It was released in June 2004 in Buenos Aires. The main actors in this film are the stars of Erreway: Luisana Lopilato (Mía), Felipe Colombo (Manuel), Benjamin Rojas (Pablo) and Camila Bordonaba (Marizza), who portrayed their roles from television hit series Rebelde Way. The movie released on DVD in 2005.


Four teenagers full of dreams and illusions, that, with their music, their irresponsible manager and a baby, travel across unknown paths and roads without a fixed destination. Love and friendship are key ingredients in this story.


Character Original Actor/Actress
Main Characters
Mía Colucci Luisana Lopilato
Marizza Pía Andrade (Spirito) Camila Bordonaba
Pablo Bustamante Benjamín Rojas
Manuel Aguirre Felipe Colombo
Benito Roly Serrano
Candela Aguirre Valentina Carlos (beby)
Camila Majtanksy (1 year)
Micaela Majtanksy (1 year)
Carla Pandolfi (21 years)
Minor Characters
Angioletti Claudio Rissi
Vaqueano Ricardo Lazzara
Pedro Martin Borisenko
Receptionist Gabriela Groppa
TV Presenter Diego Topa
Presenter Portugues Celio Pereira Cangosu
Seller Darío Carrizzo
Prostitute 1 Pía Uribelarrea
Prostitute 2 Silvia Geijo
Prostitute 3 Leticia Gaspari
Transvestite Flavio “Mosquito” Sancixeto
Man 1 Luis Alí
Man 2 León Dogorny
Man 3 Claudio Torres
Man 4 Mauricio Paulucci
Village Girl María Figueras
Village Boy Cristián Gutiérrez
Wife Of Ramón Sandra Bell
Bully 1 Fernando Álvarez
Bully 2 Hernán Figueroa
Bully 3 Jorge Noya
Recepcionist Natalia Merino
Dr. Agüero Francisco Nápoli
Hotel Concierge Carlos Armata
Radio Announcer Gabriel Galindez
TV Presenter Carla Bonfante
Player 1 Eduardo Lidijover
Player 2 Juan Pascarelli
Reporter Ana Karina


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