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The 550th Airborne Infantry Battalion was an independent formation of the United States Army formed on 1 July 1941 at Fort Kobbe Panama Canal Zone.[1] The Battalion was originally formed as an air landing unit rather than a parachute or glider battalion.

The unit's mission was to land if required in Central, Latin, and South American countries as well as areas in the Caribbean, notably Martinique. The unit would be preceded by the 551st Parachute Infantry Battalion.

As the threats to the Caribbean and Latin American regions subsided in 1943, the 550th was redesignated the 550th Glider Infantry Battalion and undertook glider training in Sicily.[2] The unit was assigned to the 1st Airborne Task Force (United States) and participated in Operation Dragoon, the invasion of Southern France on 15 August 1944 where the 550th captured the town of Le Muy.

The 550th Airborne was sent to Aldbourne, England in November 1944 after the First Airborne Task Force was disbanded. During the Battle of the Bulge the 550th was attached to the 194th Glider Infantry Regiment of the 17th Airborne Division (United States). In February 1945 the 550th was consolidated into the 3rd Battalion of the 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment.[1]

Both the 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment and the 550th were disbanded in Belgium on 1 March 1945.[3]

Campaign streamers[edit]

  • Rome-Arno
  • Southern France (with arrowhead)
  • Ardennes-Alsace
  • Rheinland


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