94.7 Cycle Challenge

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Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge
Race details
Date mid-November
Region Johannesburg, South Africa
English name Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge
Nickname(s) Everyone's Race
Discipline Road, Mountain Bike and Children's events
Type One-day
Race director Tanya Harford[1]
First edition 1997 (1997)[2]
Editions 20

The Telkom 94.7 cycle challenge is the world's second-largest timed cycle race, after the Cape Argus Cycle Race.[3] It is held annually on cycle challenge Sunday, the third Sunday of November in the city of Johannesburg. Between 20,000 and 30,000 participants complete the challenging 94.7 km (58.8 mi) course every year. The event's main sponsors are 947_(radio_station) and Telkom (In previous years, Momentum.)[4]

The 94.7 Mountain Bike Challenge is held the weekend before the road race. It consists of two distances; a 30 km (19 mi) race and a 55 km (34 mi) race. In 2012 a 40 km (25 mi) fun ride was introduced and took place the day before the 94.7 Mountain Bike Challenge.

Past winners[edit]


Arran Brown, winner of 2 Challenges, after placing third in 2012
Rider Team
1997 South Africa White, NicholasNicholas White (RSA)
1998 South Africa Cox, RyanRyan Cox (RSA)
1999 South Africa Hunter, RobertRobert Hunter (RSA)
2000 South Africa Lange, MalcolmMalcolm Lange (RSA)
2001 South Africa Lange, MalcolmMalcolm Lange (RSA)
2002 South Africa Spence, DanielDaniel Spence (RSA)
2003 South Africa Macleod, IanIan McLeod (RSA)
2004 South Africa Frankiskos, ChrisChris Frankiskos (RSA)
2005 South Africa Lill, DarrenDarren Lill (RSA)
2006 Slovakia Velits, MartinMartin Velits[5] (SVK)
2007 South Africa Fouche, HermanHerman Fouche (RSA) Konica Minolta[6]
2008 South Africa Lange, MalcolmMalcolm Lange (RSA) MTN Energade
2009 South Africa Brown, ArranArran Brown (RSA) Medscheme[7]
2010 South Africa White, NicholasNicholas White (RSA) Medscheme[8]
2011 South Africa Brown, ArranArran Brown (RSA) MTN-Qhubeka
2012 South Africa Janse van Rensburg, ReinardtReinardt Janse van Rensburg (RSA) MTN-Qhubeka
Sharon Laws winning the 2012 women's Challenge


Rider Team
2000 South Africa Rogers, MariMari Rogers (RSA)
2001 South Africa Rogers, MariMari Rogers (RSA)
2002 South Africa Ariano, WandaWanda Ariano (RSA)
2004 South Africa Bounds, SamanthaSamantha Bounds (RSA)
2005 South Africa Vermaak, LisaLisa Vermaak (RSA)
2006 South Africa Du Toit, YolandiYolandi du Toit (RSA)
2007 South Africa Hotchkiss, JoannaJoanna Hotchkiss (RSA)
2008 South Africa Schoeman, AnriëtteAnriëtte Schoeman (RSA) [9]
2009 South Africa Van De Winkel, JoannaJoanna Van De Winkel (RSA)
2010 South Africa Taylor, CheriseCherise Taylor (RSA)
2011 South Africa Moolman, AshleighAshleigh Moolman (RSA)
2012 United Kingdom Laws, SharonSharon Laws (GBR)
2013 South Africa Moolman, AshleighAshleigh Moolman (RSA)
2014  ([[|]])
2015 South Africa Moolman, AshleighAshleigh Moolman (RSA)

Winners' speeds (male & female)[edit]

Rider Avg. speed Year
 Reinardt Janse van Rensburg (RSA) 12.11 m/s 2012
 Sharon Laws (GBR) 9.89 m/s 2012
 Nicholas White (RSA) 11.68 m/s 2010
 Cherise Taylor (RSA) 9.56 m/s 2010
 Arran Brown (RSA) 11.74 m/s 2009
 Joanna Van De Winkel (RSA) 9.44 m/s 2009
 Malcolm Lange (RSA) 12.76 m/s 2008
 Herman Fouche (RSA) 11.78 m/s 2007
 Martin Velits (SVK) 11.44 m/s 2006
 Darren Lill (RSA) 12.10 m/s 2005
 Daniel Spence (RSA) 12.02 m/s 2002
 Malcolm Lange (RSA) 11.84 m/s 2001

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