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95/Dan Ryan
95Dan Ryan CTA Red Line.jpg
95th/Dan Ryan station in April 2009
Location 15 West 95th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60620
Coordinates 41°43′21″N 87°37′28″W / 41.722596°N 87.624391°W / 41.722596; -87.624391
Owned by Chicago Transit Authority
Platforms 1 Island platform
Tracks 2

CTA Buses
Pace Buses

Greyhound Bus
Structure type Expressway median
Bicycle facilities Yes
Disabled access Yes
Opened September 28, 1969
Rebuilt 2000–01 (elevator added, minor renovations), 2003 (bus terminal renovations), 2014–18 (station expansion and reconstruction)
Previous names 95th, 95th/State (Station Sign)
Passengers (2015) 3,676,215[1]Increase 0.2%
Rank 9 out of 143[a]
Preceding station   Chicago "L"   Following station
Dan Ryan Branch
toward Howard
Red Line Terminus
Route map
Red Line
north to Howard
Bus lane
95th St.

95th/Dan Ryan (or simply 95th) is a rapid transit station on the Chicago 'L' system in the median of the Dan Ryan Expressway and serving Chicago's Roseland neighborhood. Currently, it serves as the southern terminus of the Chicago Transit Authority's Red Line. This station was the system's ninth busiest in 2015.[1] Trains take approximately 30 minutes to travel to the Loop, and 60 minutes to reach Howard.[2]

It is the only CTA rail terminal located in an expressway (except for UIC-Halsted, which is the terminal for Blue Line trains during weekday rush hours), and also one of the only terminals with no park-and-ride lot. Like Howard, this station has a bus terminal and connects to CTA and Pace buses, but unlike Howard, it also connects to Greyhound buses.


Though the station is named 95th/Dan Ryan, no CTA train announcement says it that way. Before the CTA changed the name of 95th/Dan Ryan to simply 95th, the destination signs, the station signs, and other signs labeled it as 95/Dan Ryan. This is because of the old CTA maps labeling it as "95".


Approximately 50,000 people go through the terminal every day.[citation needed] Many commuters from the far south side or south suburbs connect to 95th Street via the CTA and Pace bus systems. 95th/Dan Ryan is the southernmost stop in the CTA system. In 2006, Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. announced plans to extend Red Line service further south.[when?] Proposed new stations would include 103rd, 111th, Michigan, and will end at 130th.[3]

The station also serves as the Greyhound bus "Chicago 95th & Dan Ryan, Illinois" station.[4]

95th Street Terminal Improvement Project[edit]

After the Red Line South Reconstruction project is completed in October 2013, The CTA will do an improvement project that will cost $240 million later changed to $280 million, and will expand, improve and rebuild the entire 95th Street terminal; the station will remain open during the project, and the project began on September 22, 2014.[5] with the South Terminal opening in early 2018 and the North Terminal opening in late 2018. [6]


Since the 1970s, the city of Chicago has been vowing to extend the CTA Red Line south of 95th/Dan Ryan. And for a good reason: 95th/Dan Ryan has become overcrowded, with the station filled to capacity during weekday rush hours. Riders have complained about the inconveniences associated with bus-to-train transfers: long waits, long rides, and crowded conditions. In 2016, the CTA finalized a plan to extend the Red Line south of 95th/Dan Ryan to 130th Street. The extension would run either east or west of the existing Union Pacific Railroad tracks, and have stations located at 103rd, 111th, Michigan, and a terminal station at 130th. These stations will be located to serve the areas that currently CTA bus routes that operate out of 95th/Dan Ryan serve. The extension is in the final stages of planning.

Bus connections[edit]


  • N5 South Shore Night Bus (Owl Service)
  • N9 Ashland (Owl Service)
  • 29 State
  • 34 South Michigan (Owl Service)
  • 95 95th
  • 100 Jeffery Manor Express (weekday rush hours only)
  • 103 West 103rd
  • 106 East 103rd
  • 108 Halsted/95th
  • 111 111th/King Drive
  • 112 Vincennes/111th
  • 115 Pullman/115th
  • 119 Michigan/119th


  • 352 Halsted
  • 353 95th/River Oaks/Homewood
  • 359 Robbins/South Kedzie Avenue
  • 381 95th Street
  • 395 95th/Dan Ryan CTA Station/UPS Hodgkins (Weekday UPS shifts only)
  • 772 Brookfield Zoo Express/CTA Red Line (Memorial Day through Labor Day on weekends only)

Notes and references[edit]


  1. ^ Due to possible double-counting of physically-connected stations, the CTA's official 2015 tally of stations was 146, but for ridership purposes reported having only 143 stations.


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