AK-100 (naval gun)

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Russian 3.9-inch guns.JPEG
3.9-inch dual purpose guns and the bridge aboard the Russian guided missile destroyer Admiral Vinogradov (BPK-554).
TypeNaval gun
Place of originRussia
Shell weight26.8 kg
Rate of fire60 rounds per minute
Soviet KGB Border Troops Nerei class-frigate Imeni 70-Letiya Pogranichnykh Voisk (renamed Anadyr in Russian Coast Guard service) in 1988. KGB ensign is risen. 100mm AK-100 is mounted forward.

The AK-100 is a Soviet 100mm naval cannon, with a maximum rate of fire of 60 rounds per minute, firing a 26.8 kg munition in HE anti-air or HE fragmentation varieties.[1][2]


  • Weight: 35.5 tons
  • Elevation: -10 / +85 degrees
  • Rate of Elevation: 30 degrees per second
  • Traverse: 360 degrees
  • Traverse rate: 35 degrees per second
  • Recoil: 20 in (51 cm)
  • Rate of fire: 50 to 60 rounds per minute
  • Typical ammo stowage: 350 rounds for a 4,000 ton class frigate


A190, also known as AK-190 and A-190,[3] is a modernized lightweight version of AK-100 developed by Burevestnik Central Scientific Research Institute that first entered service in 1997.[3] Specification:[3]

  • Weight: 15 tons
  • Elevation: -15 / +85 degrees
  • Traverse: ± 170 degrees
  • Rate of fire: 80 rounds per minute
  • Ammo stowage: 80 rounds per gun internal

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