A. L. Bumgarner

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A. L. Bumgarner
Nationality United States
Occupation NASCAR car owner
Known for Employing some of the best NASCAR Cup Series drivers in the 1950s

A. L. Bumgarner is a former NASCAR Grand National Series race car owner whose career spanned between 1956 and 1958.[1]

Career summary[edit]

Drivers under his employment included Fonty Flock, Junior Johnson, Tiny Lund,[2][3] Jimmy Massey, and Banjo Matthews.[1] Out of 46 races run by Bumgarner's employees, there were zero wins, two finishes in the top five, and 12 finishes in the top ten.[1] Bumgarner's vehicles started on average in 11th place and finished an average of 19th place while leading 376 laps out of 5649 laps.[1] Due to the low value of the American dollar in the 1950s, Bumgarner only earned a career total of $5,425 in race winnings ($45,033.13 when adjusted for inflation).[1]


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