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The A.S. was a light car made from 1924 to 1926 by Voiturettes Automobiles A.S. initially at Courbevoie, and subsequently relocated to La Garenne-Colombes where they operated till 1928.

The manufacturer took at stand at the 19th Paris Motor Show in October 1924 and exhibited a small attractive 2-seater "Torpedo" bodied voiturette-roadster with a fashionably tapered tail, and designated as the "AS Type A2" and the "AS Type A2S".[1] The 4-cylinder twin overhead camshaft engine was of 1,098 cc capacity and the wheelbase was of just 2,180 mm (85.8 in).[1] Proprietary Chapuis-Dornier or C.I.M.E. engines were also offered. There were brakes on all four wheels.[1] The manufacturer's listed price was 17,000 francs.[1]

Three years later production came to an end with only a few dozen of the little sports cars sold.[1]


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