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Founded by Tim Martin
Type Non-profit
Services Protecting human rights
Key people
Tim Martin

ACT NOW is a Human rights campaign group founded by former British humanitarian aid workers from Sri Lanka against human rights abuses against Tamils.[1][2][3] ACT NOW campaigned for a ceasefire, against Tamil internment and later is leading an international boycott Sri Lanka Campaign until Sri Lanka ends human rights abuses against Tamils.[4] It is headed by director Tim Martin a former Aid worker and assistant director Yogi Yogalingham.[5][6] It also raises and sends aid to Tamils in Sri Lanka[7][8][9][10][11]

The campaign oversaw the launch of the Mercy Mission to Vanni Aid ship and took part in the 2009 Tamil protests.[12][13] ACT Now has in its campaign the support of 55 British MPs and Members of the European Parliament. Public figures including Bob Geldoff, Joanna Lumley, Brian May (Queen), M.I.A, Massive Attack, Sian Evans (Kosheen), Chris Steel, Jasmine Guinness (model) Jade Parfitt (model) and Deborah Leng have supported ACT Now's campaign for Tamil victims.[14]


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