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ANSA is a computer-aided engineering tool for Finite Element Analysis and CFD Analysis widely used in the automotive industry. It is developed by the BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece. In the United States, it is distributed by Beta CAE Systems, USA, based in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

ANSA maintains the association between CAD geometry and the FE mesh. This means that the FE meshes are better representations of their geometric parents. Also it is easy to maintain and update any changes in the geometry by simply reworking the updated area instead of recreating the FE from scratch.

It carries several proprietary algorithms for meshing suitable for both CFD and structural models. ANSA Stands for 'Automatic net generation for structural analysis'. ANSA has broadly six menus which are used to do various activities those are: TOPO MESH VMESH DECK-SOLVER MORPH HBLOCK

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