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Formerly called
American Production and Inventory Control Society
Founded 1957
Headquarters Chicago, United States
Website www.apics.org

APICS is a professional association for supply chain management and a provider of research, education and certification programs. APICS has 45,000 members and more than 300 channel partners in 100 countries.[1][2]


APICS offers several professional designations. The APICS Certified in Integrated Resource Management (CIRM) program is no longer offered but continues to be recognized by the organization.


APICS and APICS Supply Chain Councildevelop and publish primary research, proprietary industry content and thought leadership articles. Publications include research conducted with corporate partners and universities. Publications include:

APICS Supply Chain Council[edit]

APICS SCC is a nonprofit organization that advances supply chains through unbiased research, benchmarking and publications. APICS SCC maintains the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model, the supply chain management community's most widely accepted framework for evaluating and comparing supply chain activities and performance.


APICS products and services are delivered by channel partners. There are more than 200 professional chapters in North America and 95 partner organizations around the globe.


In 1957, 20 production control managers formed the American Production and Inventory Control Society.[3] The organization later became an international association known as APICS.

APICS merged with the Supply Chain Council in 2014.[2] and with American Society of Transportation and Logistics (AST&L)[4] in 2015.


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