Architectural Institute in Prague

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Architectural Institute in Prague
Archip logotype
Type Private institute
Established 2010
Rector Regina Loukotová
Administrative staff
~40 (2012)
Students ~50 (2012)
Location Prague,  Czech Republic

Architectural Institute In Prague (ARCHIP) a private international school of architecture in Prague, Czech Republic, established in 2010.

The school offers instruction only in English and has an emphasis on international students and faculty.[1] The premises of ARCHIP are in the Kartografie Praha building in Prague 7 Františka Křížka, in a renovated industrial building that used to be a printing workshop.[2]


The Kartografie Praha building.

The idea for the school was conceived in 2005 by architect Martin Roubík (1949–2008) and his wife Regina Loukotová, now rector of the school.[1] Roubík had returned from a period teaching and working in Oslo, and the couple felt that the Czech Republic needed a school of architecture offering an entire bachelor's degree programme in English.[1] Petr Pištěk, the current vice-rector of the institute and a former student of Roubík's, is a freelance architect.[3][1]

The school received approval to open from the Ministry of Education in May 2010.[1]


The school has around 45 professors, about one-third of whom are Czech, and the rest from abroad. Class sizes are between 20 and 30 students.[4][1]

The school's programme is based in studio instruction, and students receive lectures in theory, practice-oriented seminars, excursions and workshops. Tuition takes place in Prague and in other parts of the Czech Republic. The school has an exhibition space and a library, and also hosts lectures from local and international architects.

The school's credit system and classification scale are compatible with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), allowing students to join other European education programmes.

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