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The AT-2 scatterable anti-tank mine. Dummy.

The AT2 mine is a scatterable anti-tank mine developed by Dynamit Nobel. It can be scattered from artillery rockets or from mine laying systems, and was used by the British, German and Norwegian armed forces until the signing of the Ottawa Treaty.


The mine is cylindrical with a hemispherical top and flat bottom. A thin aerial-like wire extends from the top of the mine, and is the S3 "scratch wire" contact fuze. Five or more metal legs (depending on the exact model) around the base of mine fold out to stand the mine upright. Additionally the mine is fitted with a small plastic parachute when it is deployed from rockets to reduce the impact when the mine lands.

The mine is triggered when the scratch wire fuze drags along the bottom of a vehicle or when it is crushed by pressure. Additionally the mine has a magnetic-influence fuze. The mine uses a Misznay Schardin effect warhead to penetrate the belly of armour vehicles; the projectile formed is optimized for after-armour effects. The mine auto-destructs after one of six selectable periods, up to a maximum of four days; the self-destruct mechanism is reported to be 99% reliable [1]. Should the self-destruct mechanism fail, the battery powering the fuze would fail after a short period of time. The mine is additionally fitted with an unspecified anti-handling device [2].


After the Ottawa Treaty, Italy concluded that the fuze of the AT2 was sensitive enough to be set off by a person and destroyed its stockpile of 45,000 mines.[1]


  • Weight: 2.22 kg
  • Diameter: 103.5 mm
  • Height:
    • Mine body: 128 mm
    • To top of dome: 160 mm
    • To top of sensor: 700 mm
  • Penetration: > 140 mm


  • DM 1233 (300,000 produced) for German 110 mm LARS
  • DM 1274 (640,000 produced by 1992) for the Skorpion mine laying system
  • DM 1399 (350,000 produced) for MLRS and MiWS Skorpion.


  • Janes Mine and Mine Clearance 2005-2006