A Soldier's Friend

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A Soldier's Friend
A Soldier's Friend.jpg
Author Megan Rix
Illustrator Richard Jones
Country England
Language English
Subject Wartime
Genre Children's
Publisher Puffin Books
Publication date
Media type Paperback & eBook
Pages 316
ISBN 978-0-14-135190-2
OCLC 872701578

A Soldier's Friend is a 2014 children's novel written by Megan Rix and published by Puffin Books.


The story follows the friendship of a dog, Sammy, and a cat, Mouser, during the First World War.


The novel was well received.[1][2] "Lottie Longshanks", reviewing for The Guardian, stated that "the book is well written and easy to read" and that "it brings that time in history to life so vividly."[1] Julia Eccleshare, writing for website 'lovereading4kids', called it an "exciting and touching story".[1]

Penguin Schools, along with website TeachItPrimary, provide a pack of activities based on the book to use as a teaching resource in primary schools.[3][4]


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