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Venturicidins (also known as aabomycins) are a group of antifungal compounds. The first member of this class was isolated from Streptomyces bacteria in 1961.[1] Additional members of this class were subsequently isolated and characterized.[2] An antifungal substance "aabomycin A" was isolated from Streptomyces in 1969.[3][4] However, in 1990 it was reported that aabomycin A is actually a 3:1 mixture of two related components, which were then named aabomycin A1 and aabomycin A2.[5] The structures of these were shown to be identical with those of the previously characterized compounds venturicidin A and venturicidin B, respectively.[5] A new analog, venturicidin C, was recently reported from a Streptomyces isolated from thermal vents associated with the Ruth Mullins coal fire in Kentucky.[6]

Venturicidins are active against Pyricularia oryzae and Trichophyton species.[7]

Chemical structures[edit]


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