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The Aargletschers, literally "Aare-Glaciers", are a system of glaciers located at the sources of the Aare river in the Bernese Alps, Switzerland. The original name has no plural-"s", as in German the plural of "gletscher" is only marked by changes of the article. The Aargletschers are constituted by two distinct partial glacier systems:

Grimselsee and Oberaarsee are recent reserve lakes. The "…-Aar-Horns" are summits of more than 3600 metres above sea level, two of them even above 4000 metres.

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  • Swisstopo (CH 3084 Wabern): Landeskarte der Schweiz 1:100 000
    • No. 37 Brünigpass
    • No. 42 Oberwallis

Coordinates: 46°34′10″N 8°11′30″E / 46.5694°N 8.19167°E / 46.5694; 8.19167