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The Faculty of Arts is one of four main academic areas at Aarhus University.The faculty contributes to Aarhus University’s research, talent development, knowledge exchange and degree programmes.

With its 500 academic staff members, 260 PhD students, 12,500 BA and MA students, and 2,500 students following continuing/further education programmes, the faculty constitutes a strong and diverse research and teaching environment.

Arts is home to a wide range of disciplines and Interdiscipline study.. On this basis, we seek to address the most urgent challenges facing society today. A commitment to interact with society and seek solutions to pressing social questions is balanced with an emphasis on contributing to basic research.

The Dean of Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University is Johnny Laursen (2015).


The Faculty of Arts was established in 2011 when the former Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Theology and the Danish School of Education were merged. Arts is now the largest faculty for research and teaching on cultural and social practices in Northern Europe.

Departments and centres of Faculty of Arts[edit]