Aaron's Way

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Aaron's Way
Genre Drama
Written by Jeff Baron
Steven Baum
Christopher Beaumont
William Blinn
Rena Down
Bob Gaydos
Neil Levy
Directed by R.W. Goodwin
Noel Nosseck
Robert Scheerer
Starring Merlin Olsen
Belinda Montgomery
Samantha Mathis
Erin Chase
Scott Curtis
Kathleen York
Jessica Walter
Christopher Gartin
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 14
Executive producer(s) William Blinn
Jerry Thorpe
Producer(s) James H. Brown
R.W. Goodwin
Bonnie Raskin
Editor(s) Andrew Cohen
M. Edward Salier
Running time 60 mins. (approx)
Production company(s) Blinn/Thorpe Productions
Lorimar Television
Original network NBC
Original release March 9 – May 25, 1988

Aaron's Way is a 1988 American family drama series that aired on NBC. The series stars Merlin Olsen as Aaron Miller, the husband and father of an Amish family that moves to California. The series follows the attempts of family members to adapt to Californian culture while retaining their personal values. Also appearing on the series were Samantha Mathis and Belinda Montgomery.


Aaron Miller's eldest son, Noah, has left the Amish community for the world, but Aaron kept in touch using a post office box. Aaron then learns that Noah died in a surfing accident, and goes to California for the funeral. While there, he learns that Noah had been living with a woman, Susanna Lo Verde, who owns an orchard and is pregnant by Noah.

Aaron returns to Pennsylvania to consider what to do. His wife is surprised that he kept in touch with Noah, and then a relative of Susanna arrives by motorcycle. He relates Susanna's difficulties, and Aaron expresses his opinion to his wife that they needed to go help Susanna.

To Susanna's surprise, the family arrives, and begins helping out while trying to cope with the unfamiliar society and technology. Susanna's mother asks Mrs. Miller if she could make scrapple for breakfast; after tasting it, mother gushes with appreciation, but privately tells Susanna that she didn't care for the dish. The three Miller children are enrolled in the public school system.

Subsequent episodes of this short-lived series deal with the continuing clash (and sometimes complementary meeting) between the Millers and their worldly hosts and neighbours. Aaron's stubborn insistence on the values of integrity and justice bend a few dishonest people their way.


The show was described by one scholar as "a pretentious variation on the Beverly Hillbillies;" while former Amish viewers are reported to have called it “disgusting.” [1]



Episode # Episode title Original airdate
1-01 "The Harvest" (a.k.a. "Circle of Love"), Part 1 March 9, 1988
1-02 "The Harvest" (a.k.a. "Circle of Love"), Part 2 March 9, 1988
1-03 "New Growth" March 16, 1988
1-04 "A Plain Path" March 23, 1988
1-05 "A Healing Power" March 30, 1988
1-06 "Patches of Light" April 6, 1988
1-07 "High Note" April 13, 1988
1-08 "The Men Will Cheer and the Boys Will Shout" April 20, 1988
1-09 "Man and Boy at the Crossing" April 27, 1988
1-10 "Teachers" May 4, 1988
1-11 "Strong Foundations" May 11, 1988
1-12 "Invisible People" May 15, 1988
1-13 "Solid Ground" May 18, 1988
1-14 "New Patterns" May 25, 1988


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