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The Abava by Sabile
Country Latvia
Main source Lestene swamp, Latvia
47 m (154 ft)
River mouth Venta
Basin size 2,042 km2 (788 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 134 km (83 mi)

The Abava is a river in Latvia and the largest tributary of the Venta. It flows through Tukums, Talsi and Kuldiga districts. Length - 129 km, basin area - 2030 km2. 50% of the basin covered by forests.

Its valley was submitted for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.[1]

Characterictics of the river[edit]

The river begins at the Lestene-ENAV marsh, on the eastern side of the Eastern Highlands at an elevation of 54 metres above sea level. The upper Abava is straightened, and flows in a northerly direction. At Kandava, it turns westwards and follows a very winding course. It descends through a height of 51 metres. The river has a number of dolomite rapids with a velocity of 2 m/s. The second largest waterfall in Latvia, the Abava Waterfall (Latvian: Abavas rumba), is on this river.[2]


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