Abba Are the Enemy

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Abba Are The Enemy
Studio album by Tom Hingley and the Lovers
Released September 2004
Recorded 2002 – 2004
Genre Punk, Indie
Length 35:53
Label Newmemorabilia Records
Producer John Robb
Julian Gaskell
Tom Hingley and the Lovers chronology
Abba Are the Enemy

Abba are the enemy is the debut album by Tom Hingley and the Lovers, which features Inspiral Carpets singer Tom Hingley, Steve Hanley and Paul Hanley from Manchester punk band The Fall. It was released in 2004.

Track listing[edit]

All Songs written by Tom Hingley, Steve Hanley, Paul Hanley, Kelly Wood, James Brown, except "Hole" written by Tom Hingley. Lyrics on "No Way Out" by Kelly Wood.

No. Title Length
1. "Temperamental Jimmy" 2:22
2. "Online Pharmacy" 2:49
3. "Yeah" 2:56
4. "Hole" 2:32
5. "Tattyfalarious" 2:38
6. "No Way Out" 4:08
7. "Boyband" 2:35
8. "Big Mistake" 3:34
9. "3145" 3:12
10. "Third Cumming" 1:11
11. "I Feel Old" 3:23
12. "Perfect Body" 3:49
13. "Online Pharmacy" (video)  


The band[edit]

Guest musicians[edit]

  • Julian Gaskell: Piano strings on "Tattyfalarious"


The album was given a six out of ten rating by PopMatters, with reviewer John Bergstrom, calling "Online Pharmacy" a "Hendrix redux", and stating that Hingley sounds "like the bastard child of Paul Weller and Roger Daltrey".[1]


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