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Coordinates: 31°57′52″N 35°54′23″E / 31.96444°N 35.90639°E / 31.96444; 35.90639

Project of the Central Business District of Amman

Al-Abdali (Arabic:العبدلي) is one of the five districts of the Municipality of Greater Amman.[1] It covers an area of 15 square kilometres (6 sq mi) in the heart of Amman.[2] A population of 120,000[2] includes the neighborhoods of Shmeisani, Sports City district, Jabal al Hussein, and Jabal Luweibdeh. The old historic areas of Jabal Al Hussein and Luweibdeh also have some of the city's most important government and military locations. Important places in other parts of Al Abdali include Royal Cultural Center, Al Hussein Sports City, the Parliament building, Palace of Justice, Association of Trade Unions, King Abdullah I Mosque, and numerous embassies.[2] The district is named after King Abdullah I, who founded it during the 1950s.[2]

The Central Business District of Amman[edit]

See also: Abdali Project

It is an Urban redevelopment located in Al-Abdali district that strives to make Amman a business, commercial and residential hub in the Middle East.


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