Abdi Shakur Sheikh Hassan

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Abdi Shakur Sheikh Hassan Farah
عبدي الشكور الشيخ حسن
Minister of Interior Affairs
& National Security
of Somalia
In office
12 November 2010 – 10 June 2011
Personal details
Died (2011-06-10)10 June 2011
Mogadishu, Somalia
Political party Transitional Federal Government

Abdi Shakur Sheikh Hassan Farah (Somali: Cabdishakuur Sheekh Xasan Faarax, Arabic: عبدي الشكور الشيخ حسن‎) (died 10 June 2011) was a Somali politician. He served as the Minister of Interior Affairs and National Security in the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.


On November 12, 2010, Farah was appointed Somalia's Minister for Internal Affairs and Security by Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, the nation's new Prime Minister.[1] Part of a leaner, technocratic administration, the Cabinet was widely lauded as a welcome break from previous governments.[2][3]

On June 10, 2011, Farah died at Banadir Hospital in Mogadishu from injuries sustained after a suicide bomber had evaded security and entered his home in Mogadishu. The bomber was his teenage niece Haboon Abdulkadir Hersi Qaaf, who had been recruited by the Islamist insurgent group Al-Shabaab.[4][5]

The office of Prime Minister Mohamed subsequently issued a press release declaring June 11 a national day of mourning in memory of Farah.[6]


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