Abdul Qader Arnaout

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Abdul Qader Arnaout
Abdul Qader Arnaoot.jpg
Personal Details
Born Kadri Sokoli
Vrela, Istog, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, (now Kosovo)
Died 26 November 2004
Damascus, Syria
Other names Shaykh'Abdul-Qadir al-Arna'ut
Nationality Syrian
Ethnicity Albanian
Era Modern era
Region Middle East
Religion Islam

Abdul-Qader Arnaout, (Arabic: عبد القادر الأرناؤوط‎‎) (also Abdul Qadir al-Arna'ut, Arnaut, Abdul-Kader Arnauti, and other variants) born (Albanian: Kadri Sokoli) (1928–2004) was an Islamic scholar of Albanian origin,[1] of the 20th century; he specialised in the fields of hadith and fiqh.[2]


Early life[edit]

Abdul Qader was born into a poor family in the town of Vrela, Istog in Kosovo in 1347 AH/1928. Because of the Serbian oppression against the Albanians, his family emigrated (he was at the age of three) to Damascus where he started to learn Arabic and the Islamic science.[3]

Hadith scholar[edit]

Arnaoot received his initial religious training with Hanafi scholars, before breaking with them to continue his quest for knowledge through self-teaching.[4] Among his students was Dr. Abu-Abdullah Adelabu whom he taught at the Damascus Zahra Institute - Mazzeh Jabal and Hassan al-Kattani, who learned Hadith studies from Arnaoot.[5]

Relationship with the Syrian government[edit]

The Ba'ath government banned Arnaoot from giving lectures and teaching.[6]

Arnaoot died in 2004 in Damascus under quasi-house arrest and without leaving a successor.[6]

Notable publications[edit]

Arnaoot completed a number of works including the following:

  • Jâmi' al-Usûl of Ibn Athir (encyclopaedic work)
  • Al-Wajeez (A Brief Summary of the Early Muslim Generations Belief)
  • The Virtues of the Qur'an
  • Zâd al-Masîr fî 'Ilm at-Tafsîr (Provision of the Journey) by Abu-al-Faraj Ibn Al-Jawzi - 9 volumes
  • Rreadatul Taibin - 12 volumes
  • Zad al-Ma'ad of Ibn Qayyim - 6 volumes
  • al-Adhkâr by Nawawi
  • El Furkan[7]
  • al-Kâfi by Muwaffaq ud-Dîn al-Maqdisi - 3 volumes

Some of that work was a group work with other famous scholars such as Mishkât al-Masâbîh which was a shared work with Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albani, and Zad al-Ma'ad which was a shared work with Shu'ayb al-Arna'ut.


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