Abe no Munetō

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Abe no Munetō
AllegianceAbe clan
RelationsFather: Abe no Yoritoki,

Brothers: Abe no Sadato (1019–1062), Abe no Masato and Abe no Norito

Child: Muneyoshi

Abe no Munetō (安倍 宗任, 1032 - March 18, 1108) was a samurai of the Abe clan during the Heian period of Japan. He was the son of Abe no Yoritoki, the head of the Abe clan of Emishi who were allowed to rule the six Emishi districts in the Kitakami Basin [ja] from Morioka to Hiraizumi in what is now Iwate Prefecture. Abe no Yoritoki was the Chinjufu-shōgun (general in charge of overseeing the Ainu and the defense of the north). In the Zenkunen War, he fought, together with his brother Sadato, alongside his father against the Minamoto.

Abe no Munetō was based at the Isawa Stockade. He occupied the fort called the Tonomi Palisade (鳥海冊, tonomi-saku) that was established on the north side of the Isawa at an uncertain date. In 1061, during the Zenkunen War, Abe no Munetō defeated the Minamoto forces in the Battle of Tonomi Palisade.


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