Abu Musallam incident

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Abu Musallam attack
Egypt Giza locator map.svg
Location Abu Musallam, Giza
Date 23 June 2013
Target Shiites
Attack type
Weapons sticks
Deaths 5 Shias[1]
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrators Salafists, Takfiris Muslim Brotherhood, Radical Sunnis[2]

The Abu Musallam incident was an event where a large group 3000 people, including Salafist Muslims, killed a small group of Shias in their home in a suburb of Cairo on June 23 2013. Among the dead was sheikh Hassan Shehata who was a prominent religious figure among the Egyptian Shia community. Some news sources described the mob as "takfiris", while others described it as being a result of anti-Shia rhetoric steaming from sermons at Friday prayers.[3][4]