Acer campestre 'Eastleigh Weeping'

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Acer campestre
Cultivar 'Eastleigh Weeping'
Origin England

The Field Maple Acer campestre cultivar 'Eastleigh Weeping' or Weeping Eastleigh Field Maple is a weeping tree that originated as a seedling at the Hillier & Son nursery, Ampfield, England and was released in 1980. No trees are known to survive of this cultivar.


The tree is noted for its weak pendulous habit.[1] It is less pendulous than the other Field Maple cultivars 'Pendulum' and 'Green Weeping'.


As with the species, the cultivar thrives best in a semi shade position, on a fertile, well-drained soil. The tree is mentioned in several American websites, suggesting it was introduced to the USA. 'Eastleigh Weeping' no longer remains in commerce in the UK.


The tree growing at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens died; no other accessions are known.


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