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Industry Cloud Software
Founded New Zealand (2004)
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
Number of locations
4 Global Offices
Key people
Ted Jordan (CEO)

Actionstep is an online legal practice management software for law firms and compliance focused businesses. Actionstep differentiates itself in the market by promoting features such workflow (allowing organizations to build their processes into the system), automation, and integrated front-and-back office capabilities (including time billing and accounting).


Actionstep was created by Ted Jordan, CEO of Actionstep, in 2004.[1] It was first used commercially in 2005 by a New Zealand construction franchise as well as a law firm. Actionstep soon expanded into central government and a wider range of small business users (mainly in New Zealand and Australia).

As the company grew, many of their new customers were coming from law firms (which benefited from the workflow and document assembly features). Actionstep decided to customize the product and focus on the needs to legal professionals. Features such as trust accounting were added to the product to round out the offering to law firms. More recently Actionstep has integrated with number of key technologies such as Gmail, HotDocs, Outlook, and Microsoft Office. Actionstep still retains a solid base of customers in New Zealand, however the fastest growing market is in the United States where the company now has physical presence and employees.


Actionstep was named First International Best of SaaS Showplace Award Winner in 2009.[2] Actionstep has also been a finalist in the ComputerWorld Excellence Awards (2007), and the Vero Excellence in Business Support (2010).


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