Adam Pease

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Adam Pease
Residence USA
Nationality American
Fields Computer Technology
Known for SUMO, Sigma

Adam Pease is an American computer scientist doing research in Ontology (information science) and Formal reasoning. He is best known as the Technical Editor of the Suggested Upper Merged Ontology (SUMO) upper ontology intended as a foundation ontology for a variety of computer information processing systems. His works include mapping SUMO to the WordNet semantic lexicon, and also the Sigma knowledge engineering environment for the development of formal ontologies. He has been a co-organizer of the SUMO $100 Challenges, the Annual SUMO Reasoning Prizes at CASC, and the Annual SUMO Prize, sponsored by his company Articulate Software. Adam Pease is an author of many ontology-related publications, his work on SUMO has been cited in thousands of publications.

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