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Adam Pierończyk (born 24 January 1970) is a Polish jazz saxophonist and composer. He plays tenor and soprano saxophones, as well as the zoucra.[1]

Early life[edit]

Pierończyk was born in Elblag, Poland, on 24 January 1970.[1] He learned the piano for three years from the age of eight, and later switched to saxophone.[1] After moving with his parents to Germany, he "enrolled in the jazz department at the Higher Music School".[1]

Later life and career[edit]

Pierończyk has won awards from the Polish magazine Jazz Forum: New Hope of Polish Jazz in 1997, and the readers' choice as Best Soprano Saxophonist in 2003 and 2004.[1] His tribute to pianist/composer Krzysztof Komeda, Komeda: The Innocent Sorcerer, was released in 2010.[2] His Adam Pierończyk Quartet, from around the same time, was based on saxophone and trombone, without chordal instruments.[3]

Playing style[edit]

The Jazz Book by Joachim-Ernst Berendt describes Pierończyk as an "emotionally enormously powerful stylist [...] whose playing is deeply founded in the great black tenor [saxophone] tradition".[4] His playing on Adam Pierończyk Quartet was described by a New York City Jazz Record reviewer as: "folk-futurist along the lines of Ornette Coleman, [...with] nursery-rhyme melodies that seem to change key every few bars, stringing together fragmented phrases".[3]


Title Recorded Released Label Notes
Temathe - Water Conversations 10/1995 Saarbrücken, Germany 01/1996 TEMATHE / Germany with Jan Oestreich, Christian Fischer
Plastinated Black Sheep 03/1999 06/1999 NOT TWO & HiFi / Poland MW 710-2 with Ed Schuler, Jacek Kochan
Plastiline Black Sheep 05/2001 Berlin 09/2001 Meta Records / Germany (Meta 012) with Johannes Fink, Maurice de Martin
Anniversary Concert for Hestia 06/1996 08/1996 DUX & Hestia / Poland Duet with Leszek Mozdzer
Leszek Mozdzer/Adam Pierończyk "19-9-1999" 09/1999 Ukraine 04/2000 Polish Institute in Kiev & J.R.C. Jazz / Ukraine
Leszek Mozdzer /Adam Pierończyk "19-9-1999" 09/1999 Ukraine 09/2003 GOWI Records / Poland (CDG 57)
Leszek Mozdzer/Adam Pierończyk Live in Sofia 13/1997 Sofia, Bulgaria 05/1998 NOT TWO / Poland (MW 701-2)
Adam Pierończyk Trio - Few Minutes in the Space 02/1997 Kraków, Poland 05/1997 GOWI Records / Poland (CDG 43) with Adam Kowalewski, Jacek Olter, Zbigniew Namyslowski
Adam Pierończyk Digivoco feat. Gary Thomas 11/2000 Freiling, Austria 06/2001 PAO RECORDS / Austria (PAO 10230) with Gary Thomas, Gunnar Geisse, Maurice de Martin, Tadeusz Sunday
Amusos 09/2002 Berlin 10/2003 PAO RECORDS / Austria (PAO 10900) with Mina Agossi, Henning Sieverts, Adam Kowalewski, Tadeusz Sudnik, Daniel Schroeteler
Adam Pierończyk Trio - Busem po

São Paulo

07/2005, São Paulo, Brazil 05/2006 META Records / Germany with Krzysztof Dziedzic, Robert Kubiszyn, Guello, Anna Serafinska
Adam Pierończyk Trio - Live in Berlin 11/2005, Berlin 01/2007 META Records / Germany with Ed Schuller, Krzysztof Dziedzic
Adam Pierończyk Trio - Live at A38 DVD 03/2007, Budapest, Hungary 08/2008 SP Records, Poland (SPDVD 01/08) with Andrzej Swies, Krzysztof Dziedzic
Adam Pierończyk Quartet - El Buscador 01/2008, Gdansk, Poland 01/2010 JazzWerkstatt Berlin / Germany (JW 064) with Adrian Mears, Anthony Cox, Krzysztof Dziedzic
Borys Szyc / Adam Pierończyk - Gajcy 12/2009 Niepolomice, Poland 03/2010 Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego
Adam Pierończyk - Komeda - The Innocent Sorcerer 11/2009, Warsaw, Poland 11/2010 JazzWerkstatt Berlin /Germany (JW 104) with Gary Thomas, Nelson Veras, Anthony Cox, Lukasz Zyta
Adam Pierończyk - The Planet of Eternal Life 06/2013 Peitz, Germany 11/2013 JazzWerkstatt Berlin / Germany (JW 149) solo soprano saxophone album
Adam Pierończyk Quartet - A-Trane Nights 01/2008 Berlin, Germany 10/2014 For Tune / Poland 0040(028) LIVE with Adrian Mears, Anthony Cox, Krzysztof Dziedzic
Adam Pierończyk Migratory Poets, feat. Anthony Joseph 11/2014 Katowice, Poland 04/2015 For Tune / Poland 0061(039) with Anthony Joseph, Nelson Veras, Robert Kubiszyn, John B. Arnold
Adam Pierończyk / Miroslav Vitous - Wings 31/08 -01/09/2015 Gdansk, Poland 11/2015 For Tune / Poland


Adam Pierończyk - soprano and tenor saxophones zoucra, Miroslav Vitous - double bass
Adam Pierończyk - Monte Albán 03/2016 Mexico 10/2016 Jazz Sound / Poland JS020 with Robert Kubiszyn, Hernan Hecht
Adam Pierończyk / Miroslav Vitous - Ad-lib Orbits July 2016 Prague, CZ 06/2017 PAO Records / Austria PAO11320 Adam Pierończyk - soprano and tenor saxophones zoucra, Miroslav Vitous - double bass
Adam Pierończyk / Miroslav Vitous - Live at NOSPR March 2016 Katowice, PL 11/2019 Jazz Sound / Poland JS021 Adam Pierończyk - soprano and tenor saxophones zoucra, Miroslav Vitous - double bass


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