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Adam Pierończyk (born January 24, 1970, Elblag) is a Polish jazz saxophonist and composer. He started playing saxophone at age 18 and at that time, moved to Germany with his family. He studied at the Jazz Department of Folkwang University of the Arts (Essen, Germany),[1] graduated in 1996 and moved back to Poland. He plays tenor, soprano and alto saxophone as well as Arabic zoucra.

Pierończyk is a winner of multiple awards, both musical and cultural. Among them, 18 nominations in 12 different categories and double Polish industry music awards - Fryderyk (the Polish Grammy) [2] for Artist of the Year, Best Jazz CD of the Year, Jazz Melomani etc. and has been chosen Best Soprano Saxophonist of the Year for the 11th consecutive year by Jazz Forum, a Polish jazz magazine.

Served as Artistic Director for the Jazz aux Oudayas festival and Jazz Au Chellah in Rabat, Morocco in 2004-2005, and as Artistic Director of the Sopot Jazz Festival[3] in Poland - 2011 -2015. He also composes music for theatre. He currently resides in Kraków, Poland. Adam Pierończyk has worked with musicians such as: Sam Rivers, Archie Shepp, Miroslav Vitous, Gary Thomas, Greg Osby, Bobby McFerrin, Jeff 'Tain' Watts, Trilok Gurtu, Tomasz Stańko, Ted Curson, Avishai Cohen, Lage Lund, Orlando Le Fleming, Joe Martin, Jean-Paul Bourelly, Anthony Cox, Joey Calderazzo and Leszek Możdżer.


Title Recorded Released Label Notes
Temathe - Water Conversations 10/1995 Saarbrücken, Germany 01/1996 TEMATHE / Germany with Jan Oestreich, Christian Fischer
Plastinated Black Sheep 03/1999 06/1999 NOT TWO & HiFi / Poland MW 710-2 with Ed Schuler, Jacek Kochan
Plastiline Black Sheep 05/2001 Berlin 09/2001 Meta Records / Germany (Meta 012) with Johannes Fink, Maurice de Martin
Anniversary Concert for Hestia 06/1996 08/1996 DUX & Hestia / Poland Duet with Leszek Mozdzer
Leszek Mozdzer/Adam Pierończyk "19-9-1999" 09/1999 Ukraine 04/2000 Polish Institute in Kiev & J.R.C. Jazz / Ukraine
Leszek Mozdzer /Adam Pierończyk "19-9-1999" 09/1999 Ukraine 09/2003 GOWI Records / Poland (CDG 57)
Leszek Mozdzer/Adam Pierończyk Live in Sofia 13/1997 Sofia, Bulgaria 05/1998 NOT TWO / Poland (MW 701-2)
Adam Pierończyk Trio - Few Minutes in the Space 02/1997 Kraków, Poland 05/1997 GOWI Records / Poland (CDG 43) with Adam Kowalewski, Jacek Olter, Zbigniew Namyslowski
Adam Pierończyk Digivoco feat. Gary Thomas 11/2000 Freiling, Austria 06/2001 PAO RECORDS / Austria (PAO 10230) with Gary Thomas, Gunnar Geisse, Maurice de Martin, Tadeusz Sunday
Amusos 09/2002 Berlin 10/2003 PAO RECORDS / Austria (PAO 10900) with Mina Agossi, Henning Sieverts, Adam Kowalewski, Tadeusz Sudnik, Daniel Schroeteler
Adam Pierończyk Trio - Busem po

São Paulo

07/2005, São Paulo, Brazil 05/2006 META Records / Germany with Krzysztof Dziedzic, Robert Kubiszyn, Guello, Anna Serafinska
Adam Pierończyk Trio - Live in Berlin 11/2005, Berlin 01/2007 META Records / Germany with Ed Schuller, Krzysztof Dziedzic
Adam Pierończyk Trio - Live at A38 DVD 03/2007, Budapest, Hungary 08/2008 SP Records, Poland (SPDVD 01/08) with Andrzej Swies, Krzysztof Dziedzic
Adam Pierończyk Quartet - El Buscador 01/2008, Gdansk, Poland 01/2010 JazzWerkstatt Berlin / Germany (JW 064) with Adrian Mears, Anthony Cox, Krzysztof Dziedzic
Borys Szyc / Adam Pierończyk - Gajcy 12/2009 Niepolomice, Poland 03/2010 Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego
Adam Pierończyk - Komeda - The Innocent Sorcerer 11/2009, Warsaw, Poland 11/2010 JazzWerkstatt Berlin /Germany (JW 104) with Gary Thomas, Nelson Veras, Anthony Cox, Lukasz Zyta
Adam Pierończyk - The Planet of Eternal Life 06/2013 Peitz, Germany 11/2013 JazzWerkstatt Berlin / Germany (JW 149) solo soprano saxophone album
Adam Pierończyk Quartet - A-Trane Nights 01/2008 Berlin, Germany 10/2014 For Tune / Poland 0040(028) LIVE with Adrian Mears, Anthony Cox, Krzysztof Dziedzic
Adam Pierończyk Migratory Poets, feat. Anthony Joseph 11/2014 Katowice, Poland 04/2015 For Tune / Poland 0061(039) with Anthony Joseph, Nelson Veras, Robert Kubiszyn, John B. Arnold
Adam Pierończyk / Miroslav Vitous - Wings 31/08 -01/09/2015 Gdansk, Poland 11/2015 For Tune / Poland


Adam Pierończyk - soprano and tenor saxophones zoucra, Miroslav Vitous - double bass
Adam Pierończyk - Monte Albán 03/2016 Mexico 10/2016 Jazzsound / Poland JS020 with Robert Kubiszyn, Hernan Hecht
Adam Pierończyk / Miroslav Vitous - Ad-lib Orbits July 2016 Prague, CZ 06/2017 PAO Records / Austria PAO11320 Adam Pierończyk - soprano and tenor saxophones zoucra, Miroslav Vitous - double bass


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