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Grey Dog Software is a computer games development company, based in Phoenix, Arizona, and specializing in sports text simulations. Notable games released by Grey Dog include the Total Extreme Warfare series and the Wrestling Spirit series.


On September 7, 2004, Arlie Rahn founded Grey Dog. Gary Gorski and Adam Ryland came to the company with Rahn.[1]

All three developers had worked under the same company, .400 Software Studios, but when that company dissolved due to an ownership dispute, the three developers formed Grey Dog Software under the ownership of Rahn.

Gorski left Grey Dog in May 2006 to create his own company, Wolverine Studios.[2]

Brian Nichols joined the company in December 2006 in order to be the lead developer of the basketball product line.[3]

Games Released[edit]


Products are categorized into product lines: basketball, football, wrestling/MMA and other.

Basketball Brian Nichols
Football Arlie Rahn
Wrestling/MMA/Other Adam Ryland


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