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The gens Aebutia was a Roman family that was prominent during the early Republic. The gens was originally patrician, but also had plebeian branches.[1] The first member to obtain the consulship was Titus Aebutius Elva, consul in 499 BC.[2]


During the first century of the Republic, the Aebutii used the praenomina Titus, Lucius, Postumus, and Marcus. In later times, they also used the name Publius.[3]

Branches and cognomina[edit]

The patrician Aebutii used the cognomen Elva. Cornicen was a personal surname belonging to one of the Elvae. No patrician Aebutius held any curule magistracy from 442 to 176 BC, when Marcus Aebutius Elva obtained the praetorship. Carus was a cognomen of the plebeian Aebutii. Later surnames include Faustus, Liberalis, and Pinnius.[4]


This list includes abbreviated praenomina. For an explanation of this practice, see filiation.

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