Aghakishi beg

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Aghakishi beg
Khan of Shaki
Reign1755 – 1759
PredecessorHaji Chalabi Khan
SuccessorMuhammad Husayn khan Mushtaq
HouseHouse of Black Monk
FatherHaji Chalabi Khan

Aghakishi beg (Azerbaijani: آغاکیشی بی / Ağakişi bəy) was the khan of Shaki for a brief 4 year period.


He was second son of Haji Chalabi and a son-in-law of Muhammad khan of Gazikumukh.[1] Before succeeding his father, he was a viceroy of conquered territories from Ganja and Georgia. His reign abruptly ended when his father-in-law Muhammad khan and his naib for Arash Sultanate, Malik Ali killed him in conspiracy, capturing state treasure as well. As a result his nephew Muhammad Husayn fled to Aghasi khan, khan of Shamakhi who supported him with army to retake his throne.


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