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AUGA group, AB
Industry Agriculture
Founded Vilnius, 2003
Headquarters Vilnius, Lithuania
Key people
Linas Bulzgys (CEO)
Number of employees

AUGA group, AB is the largest organic farming and investment group of companies in Lithuania which is developing a unique business model based on the latest scientific knowledge ensuring the use of the environment-friendly organic farming technology in all interrelated agricultural, livestock farming, mushroom growing, and agricultural production processes.[1] he company is listed on NASDAQ OMX Vilnius (since March 2008) and Warsaw Stock Exchange (since July 2011).

Key activity areas[edit]

Crop production[edit]

AUGA group owned agricultural companies carry out agricultural activities in the area of over 25.5 thousand hectares throughout Lithuania. All land cultivated by AUGA companies received Ekoagros organic farming certification in 2015. This means that the yield grown by AUGA farms meet strict requirements of organic crop production, including fertilization with solely organic fertilizers. The companies owned by the group carry out the activity by observing organic farming principles based on the latest scientific knowledge and encourage other agricultural market participants to actively contribute to the Lithuanian land and water preservation.

Companies engaged in crop production:

UAB (JSC) AgroRamučiai; ŽŪB (agricultural company) Agrowill Alanta; ŽŪB Agrowill Dumšiškės; ŽŪB Agrowill Eimučiai; UAB Grūduva; ŽŪB Agrowill Jurbarkai; ŽŪB Agrowill Kairėnai; ŽŪB Agrowill Lankesa; UAB Luganta; ŽŪB Gustoniai; ŽŪB Agrowill Mantviliškis; ŽŪB Agrowill Nausodė; ŽŪB Agrowill Skėmiai; ŽŪB Agrowill Smilgiai; ŽŪB Agrowill Spindulys; ŽŪB Agrowill Vėriškės; ŽŪB Agrowill Žadžiūnai; ŽŪB Agrowill Želsvelė

Livestock farming[edit]

In 2015, all livestock farms owned by AUGA group in Lithuania received Ekoagros organic farming certification which means that all livestock farming carried out by the group of companies meet strict standards of organic farming. AUGA group organic livestock farming not only promotes natural livestock increase but also ensures cattle feeding and care.

AUGA farms grow more than 7 thousand units of cattle, of which approximately 3,500 dairy cows.

Companies engaged in the livestock farming:

ŽŪB (agricultural company) Agrowill Alanta; UAB (JSC) Grūduva; ŽŪB Agrowill Jurbarkai; ŽŪB Agrowill Kairėnai; ŽŪB Agrowill Nausodė; ŽŪB Agrowill Skėmiai; ŽŪB Agrowill Smilgiai; ŽŪB Agrowill Vėriškės; ŽŪB Agrowill Žadžiūnai; ŽŪB Agrowill Želsvelė

Mushroom growing[edit]

Following Agrowill Group merging with Baltic Champs in 2014, the activity of the company groups was complemented with a new activity – organic mushroom growing. Baltic Champs, the largest company that grows and sells champignons in the Baltic states, is also involved in scientific-research activities in the mushroom growing area.

Companies engaged in the mushroom growing:

UAB (JSC) Baltic Champs, Gruzdžiai Department; UAB Baltic Champs, Širvintos Department; UAB Baltic Champs, Staneliai Department.


  • 2003, establishment of UAB Agrovaldymo grupė.
  • 2007, change of the legal status and name of UAB Agrovaldymo grupė into AB Agrowill Group upon approval of an international development strategy by the group of companies.
  • 2008, inclusion of Agrowill Group share issues into NASDAQ OMX Vilnius Baltic Secondary trading list.
  • 2010, approval of Agrowill Group restructuring plan. Establishment of UAB Grain LT for trading grains.
  • 2011, inclusion of AB Agrowill Group share issue into Warsaw Stock Exchange. Establishment of UAB AgroGIS that offers IT solutions for agricultural market participants.
  • 2013, establishment of a Public Institution AgroSchool, agricultural specialists training centre. Establishment of UAB Agrotechnikos centras, Baltic representative of organic farming machinery producers.
  • 2014, merge of UAB Baltic Champs, a leader in the mushroom growing market, with AB Agrowill Group. UAB Baltic Champs Group becomes the owner of a controlling group share portfolio.
  • 2015, introduction of AB Agrowill Group eco-friendly agricultural production model. All Agrowill Group crop growing and livestock farms receive Ekoagra ecological farm certificates. The company restructuring process is successfully completed.
  • 2016, Agrowill Group, AB introduced a new line of organic food called AUGA and changed its name to AUGA group, AB.

SHORTLY. Almost 10 years of Agrowill Group farming experience has been supplemented by the idea of an organic farm, which has been evolving in the mind of Kęstutis Juščius, the owner of Baltic Champs, for three years. After the merger of these two companies in 2014, a new common business vision and new goals emerged. After another two years, the group changed its name to the AUGA group and developed a new line of products called AUGA – organic food products, nourished from the soil to shelves by its growers at a fair price.


General Manager – Linas Bulzgys.

Chairman of the Board is Kęstutis Juščius, members are Linas Bulzgys, Marijus Bakas, Domantas Savičius, Linas Strėlis, Vladas Bagavičius, and Marius Žutautas.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board is Vladas Lašas, members are Gediminas Žiemelis, Aurimas Sanikovas, Rimantas Rudzkis, and Liudas Navickas.


Since 2 April 2008, share emission of the company - ISIN code LT0000127466 (in the amount of 187.416.252 of an ordinary nominal share) has been included into NASDAQ OMX Vilnius Baltic Secondary trading list (NASDAQ OMX Vilnius symbol - AVG1L). Since 8 July 2011, share emission of the company (in the amount of 187.416.252 of an ordinary nominal share) has been included into Warsaw Stock Exchange (symbol - AWG). Shareholders of the Company (based on the data of 23 December 2016):

Shareholder Amount of shares  % Share
Baltic Champs Group JSC 165.167.939 88,13
Multi Asset Selection Fund 10.920.736 5,83
Other legal and natural persons 23.270.495 12,42


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