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Low pressure diver's air hose

Air hoses are used in underwater diving, such as scuba diving, to carry air from the surface or from air tanks or diving pumps to the diver. Air hoses are therefore a necessary part of standard diving dress and any type of surface supplied diving equipment. They are an essential part of scuba diving equipment, used to deliver pressurised air from the first stage of a diving regulator to the other components.

Air hoses are used between locomotives and railroad cars for their brakes, and are also used between those tractors and semi-trailers which use air brakes.

Types of air hoses[edit]

  • Air hose for surface supplied diving.
  • Low pressure hoses connecting to a demand valve and for inflating drysuits and buoyancy compensators. These are designed to be used at pressures up to about 20 bar (2.0 MPa; 290 psi).
  • High pressure hoses connecting to a pressure gauge. These have operating pressures in excess of 300 bar (30 MPa; 4,400 psi).

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