Al's Lads

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Als Lads
Directed by Richard Standeven
Written by Marc Gee
Starring Marc Warren
Ralf Little
Al Sapienza
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Al's Lads (released in the United States as Capone's Boys) is a 2002 British crime/drama film.


Three British seamen (Scousers) working as waiters on a transatlantic liner in 1927 are given a chance to work for the Al Capone gang, after running booze (bootlegging) into America which had Prohibition in place.

Quote 1999[1]—I was told a story by a gentleman called Leo White and after doing some research ,found to be true(though I never doubted it- Scousers get everywhere don,t they!)
 Subsequently Vic Gibson wrote an article in the Liverpool Echo- the response was both dramatic and energising.I received letters and phone calls from people scattered throughout the Merseyside area, confirming that their Great Uncles or Grandfathers were Al Capone's bodyguards or bootleggers.
This confirmation of authenticity led me to pen the story and with the addition of a little artistic licence, to develop the musical play-"Al,s Lads" 
                                                Marc Gee



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