Al-Fajr Arabsalim

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Al-Fajr Arabsalim (Arabic: الفجر عربصاليم‎‎) meaning "Dawn of Arabsalim", named after the Lebanese town of Arabsalim in Nabatieh Governorate in Southern Lebanon, is a Lebanese association football (soccer) team that used to play in Lebanese Third Division for many years.

In season 2010-2011, it won the championship of the Third Division with no losses in 21 consecutive games and was promoted to play in Lebanese Second Division for the first time ever in the history of the club in the season 2011-2012.

The former president of the club was Mohammed Mahdi Younes, taking over from Hassan Harb after many years of Harb presiding over the club. He was replaced by Alfajr Arabsalim is Mustapha Mohammed Haidar who was elected on 16 September 2012.