Alak Dolak

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Alak dolak is a traditional Iranian game played between two teams of no definite size, other than being the same in the current game. Known by several different names such as čalok-mosta, pel-čoftak, pel o čofta, čafta-bāzī, and several others, it dates back approximately 5,000 years to ancient Persia.


In alak dolak, a wooden peg, which is called the dolak, is placed on two bricks lying on the ground parallel to each other, and a bigger stick, called an alak, is held in between the dolak and the ground. The alak is then thrust upward so that the dolak goes flying and the player then tries to hit it before it reaches the ground, and if they don't, they will try again. When they do manage to hit it, then the people of the opposing team will try to catch it. If they do, then the player who has hit it is out, and the next person goes up to do the same.