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Alan Drengson
DiedMarch 6, 2022(2022-03-06) (aged 87–88)[2][3]
Notable workBeyond Environmental Crisis
Main interests
Deep ecology

Alan R. Drengson (1934–2022) was a Canadian philosopher.[4][5]


Alan Drengson served as the editor of the Trumpeter: Journal of Ecosophy from 1983 to 1997.[6] Alan Drengson's papers associated with the journal are housed in the archives of the University of Victoria Libraries.[7] Marti Kheel's commentary on Alan Drengson's work with The Trumpeter is held in the Schlesinger Library (Harvard University).[8]

In 1986, Environmental Ethics reported that Drengson had "published in a wide variety of periodicals" and that he had taught courses "in Eastern philosophy, environmental philosophy, philosophy of technology, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of history."[9] In 1994, David Clarke Burks stated that “Alan Drengson is an Associate Professor of philosophy at the University of Victoria, B.C., Canada. He is the founder and editor of The Trumpeter and author of Beyond Environmental Crisis.”[10]

Drengon's work has been cited by several other environmental philosophers; for example, in "Cultural Relativism and Environmental Ethics", Lawrence T. Willett wrote that "Environmental philosophers are trying to develop a global ethic; see, e.g. Alan Drengson's definitions in the Trumpeter."[11] In 1989, the Vancouver Sun wrote that Drengson "was raised Christian but no longer attends church."[12]

Drengson wrote the introduction to Arne Næss's The Ecology of Wisdom. Editor Bill Devall wrote "this anthology begins with an exploration of Arne's life and work by Alan Drengson. This essay explores how Arne developed and articulated his own life philosophy grounded in a place."[13]


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