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Alex Avery, the son of Dennis Avery, is the director of research and education with the Center for Global Food Issues at the Hudson Institute,[1] where he conducts research on the environmental impacts of different farming systems. Avery is an outspoken critic of organic food and farming and has compared their supporters to Hezbollah.[2] He is also the author of The Truth About Organic Foods,[3] a controversial[4] book critical of the organic food movement, published by Henderson Communications, a small agribusiness consulting group and independent agricultural-oriented publisher.

The New York Times pointed out that Avery's non-profit employer has received funding from Monsanto Company, DowElanco and the Ag-Chem Equipment Company.[5]

He has appeared on or been quoted in TV and newspapers such as CNN, Fox News, Showtime (Penn & Teller's show), the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today. Avery has written a chapter for a book on organic pesticides published in 2007 by the American Chemical Society. Avery is also an Advisory Board Member for Hanover College's Center for Free Inquiry.


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