1970 All-Ireland Senior Camogie Championship

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All-Ireland Senior Camogie Championship 1970
Championship details
Dates Sept 20
All Ireland Champions
Winners Cork (7th title)
Captain Ann Comerford
Manager Mary Moran
All-Ireland Runners-up
Runners-up Kilkenny
Captain Helena O’Neill
Matches played 3

The 1970 All-Ireland Senior Camogie Championship was the high point of the 1970 season. The championship was won by Cork, who defeated Killkenny by an 11-point margin in the final.[1][2][3][4][5][6] The match drew an attendance of 4,000.


Kilkenny won the Leinster Championship for the first time when they defeated Dublin 5–3 to 4–3 and received an unexpected bye to the All-Ireland final when Galway withdrew, receiving a three-month suspension from Central Council for failing to fulfil the fixture. Cork owe their victory over Antrim to a tremendous opening quarter when they raced into an eleven-point lead with two goals from Pat Moloney and a third from Rosie Hennessy.


Liz Garvan, the 17-year-old tennis champion from Old Als, stole the show in the All-Ireland final with 3-6 of Cork’s total. Agnes Hourigan wrote in the Irish Press

This was a match from which Cork emerged the most clear-cut of winners. They had an early shock when Anne Carroll cracked home Maura Cassin’s pass in the fourth minute but the advantage was short lived. Cork were in full command. True, Kilkenny had plenty of chances through the last ten minutes but their forwards were over-anxious and fumbled them away.[7]

Final stages[edit]

August 20
Cork 3-5 – 3-2 Antrim

September 20
Cork 5–7 – 3-2 Kilkenny
GK 1 Mel Cummins
FB 2 Marie Costine (Cloyne)
RWB 3 Hannah Dineen (South Pres)
CB 4 Mary Jo Ryan (Youghal)
LWB 5 Sheila Dunne (Canovee)
MF 6 Betty Sugrue (South Pres)
MF 7 Anne McAuliffe (Old Als)
MF 8 Anne Comerford (Watergrasshill) (Capt)
RWF 9 Pat Moloney (UCC)
CF 10 Liz Garvan (UCC) (3-6)
LWF 11 Peggy Dorgan (2-1)
FF 12 Rosie Hennessy UCC)
CB Anna Crotty Substituted in 55'
GK 1 Jo Golden (St Paul’s)
FB 2 Nuala Duncan (St Paul’s) Substituted off 21' Substituted in 50'
RWB 3 Anne Phelan (St Paul’s)
CB 4 Mary Kennedy (St Brigid’s Ballycallan) Substituted off 50'
LWB 5 Joan Kelly (St Paul’s)
MF 6 Liz Neary (St Paul’s)
MF 7 Carmel O'Shea (St Paul’s)
MF 8 Peggy Carey (St Brigid’s Ballycallan) (1-1)
RWF 9 Helena O'Neill (St Paul’s)
CF 10 Ann Carroll (St Paul’s)l (2-1)
LWF 11 Breda Cassin (St Paul’s)
FF 12 Maura Cassin (St Paul’s)
CB Mary Conway (St Paul’s) for Nuala Duncan Substituted in 21'

MATCH rules

  • 50 minutes
  • Replay if scores level
  • Maximum of three substitutions

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