All Day Every Day

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All Day Every Day
Studio album by N-Tyce
Released June 8, 1998
Genre Pop, R&B, Hip Hop
Label Telstar Records

All Day Every Day is the only album released by British quartet N-Tyce. The album features singles "Hey DJ! (Play That Song)", "We Come To Party", "Telefunkin'", and "Boom Boom".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Whatever"
  3. "Boom Boom"
  4. "Baby Love"
  5. "Interlude"
  6. "Telefunkin'"
  7. "All Day Every Day"
  8. "This Song for You"
  9. "Miami"
  10. "Raise Your Hands"
  11. "Koo Koo"
  12. "Interlude"
  13. "Sunshine"
  14. "Entice You"
  15. "Hey DJ! (Play That Song)"
  16. "We Come to Party"
  17. "Outro"