Alma Vetsera Hayne

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Alma and her son Rudolph Hayne (1899-?)

Alma Vetsera Hayne (1890–1919) was a New York City socialite who passed herself off as the daughter of Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria and Baroness Mary Vetsera and called herself Princess Vetsera of Austria. She claimed her son, Rudolph Hayne (1899-?), was heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne.


Her first husband was George Osborne Hayne. She married Donald Shields Andrews (1894-1930) on April 24, 1915.[1][2][3]

She took her own life with poison in 1919 at the second victory ball for the end of World War I.[4]

Shields Andrews, an inorganic chemist, would take his own life with poison in 1930 in Fair Haven, New Jersey. He had been working on a process to make synthetic gemstones.[4]


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