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A location in Providencia, Chile that also features a Líder Express.

París, formerly known as Almacenes París (Paris Department Stores), is a chain of department stores in Chile, owned by multinational Cencosud.[1]


The company operates dozens of stores across the country. París sells apparel for men, women, and children, household appliances, and furniture, and even has its own travel agency. The company is owned by conglomerate Cencosud.

Owns: Alaniz, Alaniz Home, Aussie, Attimo, Opposite, Tribu, Tri, Nex, Greenfield, Rainforest, among others.

Exclusives: Umbrale, Foster, Brooks Brothers, Lacoste Shoes, Nautica, Cheeky, Topshop, Paula Cahen D'Anvers, Legacy, Topper, Tommy Hilfiger shoes and more.

Brand Corners: Ellus, Lacoste, Maui and Sons, Esprit, edc by Esprit, Calvin Klein Underwear, and more.


The company was started in 1900 as Paris S.A.. The company motto is es mi tienda - "It's my store".

París (called Empresas Almacenes París S.A. or Almacenes París C.S.A.) is a chain of department stores founded in Santiago, Chile. His headquarters was located in Avenida Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins 815, in the commune of Santiago. However, at present, share facilities with its parent Cencosud, is a building located at the side of the shopping mall Alto Las Condes, in Kennedy Avenue 9001, Floor 4, Las Condes, Santiago.

The department store was founded in 1900 by José María Couso, who install the called Mueblería París. Just in 1950 the department store change his name to Almacenes París, due to the expansion of its field sales.

In 1970 create the first credit card of a department store, the Tarjeta París, step was immediately followed by its main competitors, Ripley and S.A.C.I. Falabella. In 1990, product of the bankruptcy of the department store Muricy, Almacenes París acquires locals in Parque Arauco and Mall Plaza Vespucio addition to their local in Plaza Lyon in Providencia, and acquires the building, located in Coyancura with las Bellotas, to which change his headquarters, leaving the old building of the Alameda, to the building, baptized Torre París.


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