Amadeus, Count of Neuchâtel

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Amadeus, Count of Neufchâtel
Spouse(s) Jordanna of Arberg
Noble family House of Neufchâtel
Father Rudolph IV, Count of Neufchâtel
Mother Sybille of Montbéliard
Died 1285

Amadeus, Count of Neufchâtel (died 1285) was a son of Count Rudolph IV and his wife, Sybille of Montbéliard. In 1272, he succeeded his father as Count of Neuchâtel. However, his brothers questioned the legitimacy of his sole rule and demanded a share of his inheritance. They asked the grandfather Theodoric III, Count of Montbéliard to arbitrate the dispute. Theodoric deviated from the usual practice in those days, and decided that the county should be regarded as an indivisible entity. He awarded the county to Amadeus, but acknowledged that his brothers were entitled to a share. However, the brothers would have to swear allegiance to Amadeus.

Marriage and issue[edit]

Amadeus was married to Jordanna, the daughter of Count Ulrich of Arberg. They had the following children:

Amadeus, Count of Neuchâtel
House of Neufchâtel
Died: 1285
Preceded by
Rudolph IV
Count of Neuchâtel
Succeeded by
Rudolph V