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Amangul Berdieva (married name since 2011,[1] born Amangul Durdyeva) is an English draughts and International draughts champion from Turkmenistan. All five of her siblings, and her father, play the game at a professional level.[2] She is women's world champion in Go-As-You-Please draughts since 2006.[3] In 2007 she defeated Patricia Breen[4] and was praised by Turkmen state news for this.[5] In 2009 she was ranked 19th in the world regardless of gender and number 1 among females.[6]

Amangul Berdieva won the first ever Go As You Please (GAYP) World Checkers Championship in 2005 in Prague over the New Zealander Jan Mortimer.[7] In 2007 she dethroned Patricia Breen as the World Three Move Checkers champion[8] and then successfully defended her title in 2011 against her compatriot Hurmagul Toyeva.[9] At the 2012 World Mind Sports Games Berdieva took 2nd place in English draughts, losing the gold to the Ukrainian representative Nadiya Chyzhevska.[10] Amangul Berdieva has not taken part in the World GAYP Championships in 2013, thus forfeiting her world title which also went to Chyzhevska.[11]

Amangul's brother and coach Maksat Durdyev is a 2010 world champion in English draughts (Three Move version).[3]


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